What to EXPECT?? Expect to have lots of fun. This will not be your

typical "sit here for 30 minutes while you smile on que after 1, 2 and 3".

You will move around a lot! Smile a lot! Laugh a lot! Dads will be

saying "that wasn't so bad" after it's all over and your kiddos will be asking

to see Mrs Sara again, again and again! Trust me!

We will shoot on location. When setting up your session with me we

can chat specifics to see what best fits your style. I shoot all natural

light, so don't plan on shooting before or after the sun with me!

I want your experience with me to be worth it. I DO take the time to

get to know all of my clients during the time we have and I DO care

that your children are comfortable with me during the session. I have

two boys of my own...I know what it is like. I promise you it won't be stressful one bit!

I try every session to make it unique and personal to you. I don't want

your next door neighbor to have the same session as you because

you aren't the same. We are all unique...why not reflect that?

I won't be bringing a truck load of props. I will have my custom SRP

quilts handmade by one of my dearest friends. And, I may have a few

chairs. But, the session will be about YOU. The images will be timeless

and will be shared for generations to come. You childrens children will see

the Love you have. How wonderful IS THAT?

I sure hope to hear from you and have you come along on the fun

SRP experience! Trust me, you won't forget it!


p.s. I am no longer shooting Weddings, but do have some pretty

awesome friends who do. So shoot me a message and I will

be happy to send you some referrals!