SHUT THE FRONT DOOR literally came out of my mouth when I viewed my family’s most recent photo session and then I ugly cried for 5 minutes (in the good way). Sara has been capturing moments of my family’s life for the past 2 years. She is now the photographer to many of my close friends who fell in love with her pictures. Sara captures everyone in their best light so all of the photos look so pure and honest. She somehow manages to get in all the shots I want and more. I love that I can just be with my family and I don’t have to be the sweaty mom running around trying to get everyone to smile. Everyone is already smiling just being around Sara. She can get anyone to relax and just be themselves. This is a true gift!

- Katherine

Sara has an amazing eye and a huge heart for kids. As a photographer myself, I place a huge value on photos and I knew even before I was expecting that I wanted Sara to be our family photographer. When I found out I was having twins, she was one of my first phone calls and I wouldn't have had it any other way! I am so thankful that I have her to capture memories of our family. Time is fleeting, our babies aren't babies long. An investment in Sara is worth every penny and then some!

- Amber V

By booking a first year session with Sara, I got more than I ever imagined! I have photos to last a lifetime that show my son in the best light and bring back fond memories of our visits with Sara. She has a gift with getting newborn babies to sleep comfortably, and an eye for some amazing smiles, and looks of pure joy on a child’s face. I say it every time I see the photos from our session, as well as from your other clients’ sessions, you truly have a gift of capturing love on camera. And when I look at the photos, I see that you managed to snap photos of moments where I completely forgot you were there and was just enjoying a moment with my boy. I always look forward to the next time we will see Sara and am never disappointed with the beautiful artwork she sends!

- Jennifer

We have immensely enjoyed having Sara photograph our sweet Kate during her first year. She has wonderful positive energy and is so natural around children. It is so difficult to choose your favorite pictures because they are ALL so awesome!

- Sarah

Sara Rose captures the essence of what every momma wants to capture in a picture of their child(ren) – the simple things in their smiles, their little toes, wispy hair blowing in the wind, joy on their face, etc. After our first session we were hooked primarily because of her humble gratitude and sincere passion for capturing love on film and a special talent for documenting our story – the story that my husband and I will be able to share with our children for many moons to come. We continue to call Sara to capture those simple pleasures so that we can continue to document our story over the course of our children’s lives. Amazing talented, Passionate Photographer……. A must have number in your ‘book of contacts’.

- Brandi

Words cannot express how much we appreciate Sara Rose and her truly timeless images. Her style is so easy that she makes every session comfy for you and your family. By doing so, she continuously captures the “just be” photos, not to mention the love. I also have no idea how she does it, but she is a baby whisperer and can pull smiles out of little ones who are ready for naps. Our first booking with Sara was the first year package, maternity -3m – 6m – 9m – 1y. So far - we just finished the 9m session – we have been blown away by each session and the images created. We are so incredibly grateful to her and will continue to use her services for years to come.

- Misty

Over the past year and a half, Sara has become part of our family. My daughter squeals with delight every time she sees Aunt Sara. Not only does this make working with Sara an absolute pleasure, but I am confident that no one else could get our action packed toddler to actually pause and smile for a photo. Our photo shoots are more like play time than sitting for a family portrait. Sara just understands kids and makes them feel comfortable in their own skin which makes for truly incredible images. My husband and I always joke that our house looks like a Sara Rose art gallery because we have so many giant canvases and prints of Sara's images.

- Carli

The first time I worked with Sara, it was for a maternity shoot that I was SO nervous about! I feel like Sara and I were fast friends. The session was comfortable and a LOT of fun, as are all of her sessions. Her style captures LIFE, which is what I love about working with her, whether it's rocking your newborn to sleep or playing ring-around-the-rosie with your two year old. I have a photo book for every single session in our first year package and the pages are already worn out from flipping through them so much. I will cherish the moments that her pictures are able to capture forever! Looking forward to my SECOND first year package with Sara in the upcoming days!

- Jill

Finding a photographer for the first year of our son’s life was very important to us. We wanted to make sure our photographer would capture those special smiles and little things that most people don’t get to see. We took one look at Sara’s work and knew she was exactly what we wanted. We recently finished our first year with Sara and words wouldn’t even come close to describing what she did for us. She captured all of our son’s funny looks, his many smiles, his sweet kisses, his contagious laughter, and our family’s love. We will forever be grateful for the pictures we have and will continue to work with Sara whenever we have those special moments that we hope to freeze in time.

- Ashley

My husband and I learned all too well how valuable pictures are at our wedding. We didn't invest alot in a photographer and ended up with very generic posed pictures. We have such great memories from that day, but no pictures to depict that. When we found out we were expecting our first child, one of the first things we did was start looking at photographers and their work. We were not going to make that mistake again. Sara, you will never know how thankful we are to have found you! You captured our happiness and love in such a sweet way first in our maternity pictures and later in our daughter's newborn session. You don't just capture moments, you have captured memories for us. For that we are so thankful. It is so refreshing and encouraging to run across someone who is so proud to be using their God given gifts and truly want to become friends with those you work with. You my friend are one of those people. I cannot wait to see what you will capture for our little family in the upcoming sessions this year!

- Christa

We love that Sara captures the heart of our family in her photography. Her pictures are so vibrant and full of life, much like Sara herself. She is super easy to work with and within a few minutes you’ll feel like you’ve known her your whole life. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience in photographing our baby girl. Not only has Sara given us gorgeous pictures, but precious memories that we’ll cherish always.

- Brittney

I don’t even know where to start. As a new mom, I hope every decision I make about my child is given the most careful consideration. I can’t even fully expressed how grateful I am to have found Sara and booked our sweet girl’s first year photos with her…and I know Sara will be our family photographer for well…as long as we are a family! So far, we’ve had our Newborn and 3-Month sessions and cannot be more pleased with the outcome. Sure, we think our doll baby is the cutest thing we’ve ever seen! Now, we have the photos to prove it!

- Addy

We found Sara through a friend, and tried out one of her mini sessions a few years ago... Now, we call her OUR photographer, boast over the dozens of beautiful canvases we have hung all over our home, and still cry evertime we watch a new slideshow for the first time. Her work just gets better and beter, and that's the way she likes it. She is the real deal, in photography, and life. We love her camera, but sure are honored to call her our friend too :)

- Carol Ann

We are so happy that we found Sara!! We booked her for our maternity mini-session and our baby girl's first year pictures. Working with Sara has been wonderful! She is the most joyful and positive person and that really makes the photo session so much fun! We have loved both sessions that we've had so far! The pictures are better than we could have hoped for - and always delivered so quickly! Sara is that kind of girl that you want to be friends with - she's wonderful!!

- Tami

Sara's pictures are absolutely amazing. She has the ability to capture the inner beauty of a person and make it shine!! She took our first family picture and it's one I will cherish forever! We ? Sara and are excited for our upcoming session this fall!!!


Sara's pictures are amazing, I dont even think she knows just how awesome she is at capturing the most priceless pictures. I have enjoyed every session with Sara and I CAN NOT wait to see what she has up her sleeve for my sons first bday pics! I am just happy I went ahead and booked her for the fall!


Sara, my friend, is a great photographer. When I was in a bind and not having a photographer for my wedding, she stepped in and did some amazing work. She will forever be my go to photographer for any and everything. She's on time and you can be reassured your pictures will come out perfect!!!!!!!


Sara has been able to capture the life and love for our baby Brennan since he was only 10 days old. Her pictures are amazing and express not only the personality of Brennan but as us as an entire family. She has such a way with children its amazing.....she is so easy going, loving and so much fun! She captures the perfect images we will treasure forever!! Her work speaks for itself.....


Sara has a true gift of seeing the heart of families and capturing it through her camera. We have been blessed to have Sara follow us through the first year of our son Carter's life beginning when he was still in my tummy. His newborn pictures when he was just 6 days old, are priceless & ones I will forever treasure. It has been a blessing to have her be apart of such a special time in our lives. Her work is incredible. My friends from other states have asked if she would travel to Texas to come photograph their families. She's just amazing!! And a precious person as well. We love Sara!!!


Sara is absolutely incredible. She has been a true blessing to our family. From the first day that she entered our home, she made us feel comfortable and special. My husband and I genuinely look forward to every photo session with her. Sara has captured our baby girl, Zoey, in some amazing images. Every time I see her pictures, I am blown away by their quality. We receive compliments all the time on Zoey's photos and will continue our relationship with Sara for many years to come.


We can't say enough awesome things about Sara!! For starters, she is one of the sweetest people and is so great with kids. Her photos have not only captured every one of our sweet baby girl's stages during her first year, but she has also captured the love that the three of us share as a family. Her shots are all centered around love and it is so easy to just be ourselves while she is behind the camera. Her images represent real families. Sara will really put you at ease and and make sure that every precious moment is snapped. We look forward to our next session with her!


We just LOVE Sara!! She photographed the 1st year of our youngest child and I would get excited about every single session (prior to Sara, pictures seemed to be more stressful). My heart still melts when I see any of the amazing pictures she took of our family. God has blessed Sara with an eye to see all things beautiful!!

- Heather

Where do you begin? Sara is not only an amazing photographer who captures sweet and meaningful moments but, we are also lucky enough to count her as a family friend. Whenever I pass by one of her pictures hanging up I always take a second glance and I am so thankful for the moments she has captured {and will capture} for our family. She has truly been blessed with an exceptional talent and we are blessed by her sharing it with us. Thank-you Sara! ?